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Our Yachts

The Ultimate Sailing Experience

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The Concept Be a Yachtsetter

The Yachtsetter is a 3-night, all-inclusive vacation weekend of sailing and partying. The whole idea is to gather a mixed-gender group of friends with your same lifestyle to book your own yacht. You will be sailing along with a bunch of other yachts in a regatta, this way you will get to meet the Mexican young leaders of today. You can also book a single cabin for two people and let us organize you into a yacht, which we have specially assigned for this matter. You and your team will be sleeping on board; each yacht is equipped with beds, bathrooms, and showers for everyone. We will provide you with a captain and a cook / host(ess) who have their own space to sleep on board.

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Romero + McPaul

–– Sea of Cortez

–– Max: 7 Guests

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Bamboo Life

–– Sea of Cortez

–– Max: 7 Guests

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Costa Baja I

–– Sea of Cortez

–– Max: 9 Guests

View details

Lagoon 420

–– Sea of Cortez

–– Max: 7 Guests

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The Jet Set of the Seas

Relax. Chill. Sleep. Dream.

What’s Included

• Yacht Rental
• Skipper / Captain
• Cook / Host(ess)
• Meals & Drinks On Board
• Alcoholic Beverages On Board
• Sleeping On Board
• Fuel
• Entry To Private Parties
• Premium Open Bar At Parties

What’s Not Included

• Bad Weather Insurance (Optional)

Living on the Yacht

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The Captain


All yachts include a captain or skipper who sleeps on board; please be nice to him as he will surely be nice to you. The captain is the most essential part of your crew, without him you couldn’t sail into new spots every day. He will make sure you have a hassle-less vacation, but please understand he also needs to rest, eat, and have fun. Without our captains, The Yachtsetter would not be possible.

The Captain


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Getting There

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Booking and payment

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Additional Costs

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