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An Epic Summer

Sea of Cortez: July 2017

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A premium, three night all-inclusive weekend of sailing through nature reserve, white sand beaches. Listen to the best DJs and enjoy the most epic parties with Mexican young leaders of today. Experience cool water sports sorrounded by a natural environment. Relax and enjoy your summer under the sun.

1 – Gather your group of friends

Gather a group of friends who will be sailing with you. A yacht can accommodate 7-9 people depending on its size.

2 – Select your destination and the date

Check for available dates on your chosen destination, and choose one that best suits your group's travel plans.

3 – Book and pay for the weekend of your life.

Book a single cabin for two people or book a whole yacht whose capacity matches the number of people in your group. Go on and have an unforgetable all-inclusive experience.

* You must be +18 to attend The Yachtsetter

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the founders

Hernán Junco

Sea of Cortez

Entrepreneur. Founder of Romero + McPaul, a premium lifestyle brand. His passion for traveling, sailing, and partying around the world inspired him to create The Yachtsetter, his second start-up, but certainly not his last.

The Ambassadors

This fine group of people represent, each in their own unique way, the values, interests, and lifestyle brought to you by The Yachtsetter.











Name: Alexandra Sahlén

Age: 23

Nationality: Sweden

Born and raised in Sweden. Globetrotter and fashion forward young girl with an enormous passion for photography, writing and styling. After graduation, she moved to Sydney for the working holiday experience of a lifetime in the fashion business. “Life is all about having fun and following your dreams”. A big fan of festivals, late summer nights, pristine beaches and new adventures. Instagram: @AlexandraSah

Name: Roberto Tarla

Age: 31

Nationality: England

Born in England and currently living in Sydney, Australia. Ladies man and hairdresser by trade. Currently the Creative Director for Keune, his platform for traveling the world and taking part in hair shows and educating hairdressers. Loves to play football, surf, and party hard. Loves all kinds of boating experiences and living close to the water in exclusive Double Bay, especially during summer times. Instagram: @RobertoTarla

Name: Ana Girault

Age: 23

Nationality: Mexico

International model with a Mexican heart. Witty, sexy, glamorous, narcissist, exotic, and curious. In love with love. Loves working out, traveling, hanging out with friends at music festivals, creativity, meeting new people, museums, eating, and movies.
Favorite places in the world: Prague and New York City. Instagram: @AnaGirault

Name: Robert Van der Hout

Age: 30

Nationality: Netherlands

Based in central London and working in the Oil and Gas industry. He holds both an Undergraduate and a Master’s Degree in Management related fields. This Dutch national spends most of his time enjoying what London has to offer, during summer you can find him along the Mediterranean coasts, in particular Marbella and the South of France. A true fan of the 'slipper', the ideal combination between class and elegance for any occasion. Instagram: @VDH_Robert

Name: Isa Jaime

Age: 24

Nationality: Mexico

Model since age 12. Portfolio includes Swarovski, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, and Armani. Socialité and Fashion Design student in Paris. Fashion Columnist for world renowned magazines and blogger at Glass Origami Fashion Blog. Special guest for Paris Fashion Week's top shows like Dior, Elie Saab and Isabel Marant. Front row at Zac Posen in New York Fashion Week. Best dressed features in Vogue, Grazia and Elle. Instagram: @IsaJaimeL

Name: Dimas de Andrés Puyol

Age: 31

Nationality: Spain

Born and raised in Spain and loving Barcelona for the moment. Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Cardinal Herrera University in Spain and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration by New York University-Stern. Real estate project developer for high-street fashion and luxury hotels in Spain, France, and Italy. Regular to summers in Ibiza, Formentera, and Porto Cervo. Instagram: @DiDAP

Name: Katherine Tolman

Age: 27

Nationality: United States

Always on the go - whether it's charity events, polo matches or traveling around the globe, Katherine is always in the social scene. Raised in Nashville, Tennessee & moved to Palm Beach, Florida for University where she earned her degree in Finance & Marketing. Humble and happy with the finer things in life, she loves her life by the sea and is a connoisseur of Chanel and champagne. Instagram: @KeTolman

Name: Phil Winterton

Age: 30

Nationality: Australia

Former Lawyer and Consultant in Sydney and Hong Kong. Nowadays working as an Entrepreneur and Advisor in the Financial Sector. Loves to party and travel, especially when given the chance to combine the two. Enjoys being on the water and out in the sunshine. Also a keen footballer and an avid football fan. Very excited by the prospect of The Yachtsetter reaching Australian shores. Instagram: @PhilWintert

Name: Denise Aronsohn

Age: 29

Nationality: Australia

Graduated from the University of New South Wales with a double degree in Business Law & Economics and Marketing. Favorite Subject: Game Theory and Strategy. You will find her sipping on spicy Bloody Marys all over the world, enjoying warm balmy sunsets in Bali, or cruising Sydney Harbour. Interests include cooking with liquid nitrogen, photography and carving jewelry out of wax. Cannot live without; sunnies, dinner parties and unforgettable adventures. Instagram: @Dubinovsky

Name: Chloe Mohe

Age: 26

Nationality: France/Mexico

French-Mexican jewelry designer who created Mohe in 2013. As a child, she accompanied her mother, a French model, to castings and fashion shows, where she developed an early appreciation for fashion, jewelry, and the visual. She spent much of her youth in Europe, Mexico, and the United States, cultures that enriched her life and brought the inspiration for her jewelry line Mohe.

Living on the Yacht The Experience

If you have never travelled on a sailing yacht, do not worry as we have everything set for you. This is as close as you get to living near the ocean; drinks, food, and friends are always at your disposal. The whole idea of sleeping on the yacht is to make this vacation as adventurous for you as possible. Before setting sail, we will make sure you have enough food, water & drinks for the whole weekend. Every yacht is equipped with beds for everyone, a shower, and a sink. Each boat has a cook and a cook on board.

A Typical Day on Board

• 10:00: Wake up and eat breakfast.
• 11:00: Sail towards the first daily beach destination.
• 13:00: Lunch on board or on the beach.
• 17:00: Sail towards the second daily beach destination.
• 19:00: Arrive to the sleeping port of call and dress for the night.
• 20:00: Have dinner and drinks on board or in land.
• 23:00: The most insane parties are waiting for you!
• 04:00: Sleep tight and get some rest for the next big day ahead.

Would you rather bring your own yacht to our event instead of renting ours? We can fit you in! E-mail us at info@theyachtsetter.com

the crew


Resident DJ

Chloe Mohe

PR Manager