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The Yachtsetter Aftermovie 2015

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dj of the month

Claptone Cursed, Human-Bird Hybrid

– 24/03/2016

Claptone is an enigma: a self described “cursed, human-bird hybrid” with mastery of a myriad of instruments and synthesizers, creating musical hybrids as bizarre as his self image. Behind his signature, Eyes Wide Shut-esque Bird mask, there is a brooding mind that taps into the depth of the human condition to create a sound that has achieved mainstream appreciation without giving in to the superficial trends that tend to drive the collective consciousness of the masses.

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Sailing Your Problems Away

A Millenials' Regatta


Summer in The Hamptons

Summer in The Hamptons

Your Ideal Summer Playlist

Post by: Gabriel Velarde.
–– 06/15/2015

Fabulous music for day parties. Ideal for beach days and early summer nights. This playlist was created with a single thought in mind: The Yachtsetter.

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