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What is a typical day like?

10:00: Wake up and cook breakfast.
11:00: Sail towards the first daily beach destination.
13:00: Lunch on board or on the beach.
17:00: Sail towards the second daily beach destination.
19:00: Arrive to the sleeping port of call and dress well for the night.
20:00: Have dinner and drinks on board or at a restaurant in land.
23:00 pm: The most insane parties are waiting for you!
04:00: Sleep tight and get some rest for the next big day ahead.

How do I book and pay for my trip?

Once you have decided to join The Yachtsetter, the next step is to book and pay for your cabin or yacht. Please make sure that your yacht’s capacity matches the total amount of people in your group.
All yachts must have one designated person responsible for booking and payments. All bookings must be paid in full through the YACHTS & CABINS section of our website. We accept all major credit cards. You must pay the total in one single payment. Besides credit card, the only other accepted method of payment is through a bank deposit/transfer into this account:

Account Holder: The Yachtsetter S.A. de C.V.
Bank: Banamex
Account: 7008-6665318
CLABE: 002580700866653189

Our prices are in Mexican Pesos, if you decide to pay online, your credit card will be charged in Mexican Pesos; for those of you foreigners, it is your bank that will set your exchange rate and convert the charge into your local currency. If you decide to pay through bank deposit/wire transfer, the currency will be Mexican Pesos as well. In order to get the right amount to deposit/wire transfer, please e-mail us beforehand at: info@theyachtsetter.com and we will reply within 24 hours.
We do ask for a SECURITY DEPOSIT in order to guarantee there are enough funds to cover any damages you may cause to the yacht during your journey. You can pay this amount in cash, bank deposit/transfer or credit card. Upon departure, if there are no damages, you will receive a full refund through the same method of payment you used.

How do I get to my destination?

Puerto Vallarta is a major international tourist destination. Flights from inside Mexico are available from every major city. If you are flying from United States or Europe, most airlines fly to Puerto Vallarta as well. Once you are in Puerto Vallarta, you can take a taxi from the airport or your hotel to the Marina Vallarta, where we will be setting sail from. Please remember to arrive at least one hour prior to departure for check-in:
Paseo de la Marina S/N
Col. Marina Vallarta.
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.
C.P. 48335

The Sea of Cortez route leaves from La Paz. La Paz is reachable from every major city within Mexico. Some cities have non-stop flights, for some others you may need a connecting flight. If you are coming from The U.S. or Europe you should have no problems finding a way to fly into La Paz through any major airline. Whether you are flying from within Mexico or outside it, another option for saving money or avoiding connecting flights is to fly into Los Cabos and take a 2.5 hour, $15 USD quite safe bus ride into La Paz. Your final destination is Marina Costa Baja located at Carretera a Pichilingue Km 7.5, Lomas de Palmira, 23010 La Paz, B.C.S.
Teléfono: 01 612 121 6225

Do I need sailing experience in order to join?

If you have never travelled on a sailing yacht, do not worry as we have everything set for you. You do not need to know how to sail as you will have a professional skipper/captain with you at all times, however you can always ask and learn from him. If you wish to learn how to sail, now is your perfect time.

¿What's included in the price of my trip?

• Yacht Rental
• Skipper / Captain
• Cook / Host(ess)
• Meals & Drinks On Board
• Alcoholic Beverages On Board
• Sleeping On Board
• Fuel
• Entry To Private Parties
• Premium Open Bar At Parties

What's NOT included in the price of my trip?

• Bad Weather Insurance (Optional)

Do I need to leave a security deposit?

Yes, we do ask for a security deposit in order to guarantee there are enough funds to cover any damages you may cause to the yacht during your journey. This deposit is covered with a credit card voucher. Upon departure, if there are no damages to the yacht we will cancel this voucher.

What type of clothes should I pack?

Pack very light, yachts have a very small storage room for clothes. Please avoid hard suitcases as much as possible as they take up space inside your cabin. Bring summer clothes, swimwear, sunglasses, sun protection, and decent clothes for the nightclub parties. People always tend to over pack, so please keep this in mind.

Do we sleep, eat, and shower all inside the yacht?

Yes, that is the whole idea. A long weekend on a yacht, right on the sea and under the sun. This will save you from paying expensive hotels, and will enable you to be part of a regatta, a group of boats sailing together, partying together, and sharing the ultimate life experience. Yachts are often compact, but you will get used right away. All boats are equipped with beds, a very small storage space for clothing, a place to shower, bathrooms, a fridge, a stove, electricity, stereos, and a table to share a meal with your crew. Most yachts do not have air conditioning, but do not worry as you will spend most time on the beach, on deck or in land; you will get used to it right away.

Do I need to fill a yacht or can I book a single cabin and share the yacht?

Even though the ideal is to have all your friends on board, in some cases it is difficult because of timing, work, money, girlfriends, and other matters. This is why we offer the option of booking a single cabin. Once we receive your cabin booking, we will organize you into a yacht with other pairs of people. If you wish to try to connect with other pairings in order to book a whole yacht, instead of having us do it for you, please go the discussion forum in our facebook page.

Is there electricity on the yachts?


Is The Yachtsetter prepared for emergencies?

We have frequency radios to communicate with coast guards at all times in case of an emergency. Lifesavers are always at your disposal, plus we will give you safety tips upon arrival. All beaches and islands are quite close to each other, meaning we will never be sailing in open sea; you can relax if this was your concern.

Will mobile phones be working during our journey?

Yes, most of the times we will be sailing close to the coast, so you will always be reachable to friends and family.

What is the age average of people in The Yachtsetter?

Youngest will be 18, oldest will be 30. Your average person will be 25 years old.

How much time do we spend on the yacht each 24-hour day?

Sailing takes only about 4 hours a day, sleeping takes 8 hours of your night. You will most likely spend your other 12 hours swimming, beaching, playing tourist, or partying your ass off!

How do we identify ourselves during the trip?

We encourage all of The Yachtsetter guests to wear our official insignia to identify themselves from external people. We have specially organized private parties for you, booked special DJ’s, and reserved VIP areas at the best clubs; therefore, we want to make sure our events are as elite and exclusive as possible. The Yachtsetter Official Insignia and Welcome Kit for all crew members will be sent to the address you provide upon booking.

How many boats will be sailing along?

The Yachtsetter is meant to be exclusive and we want to keep our circle as small as possible, therefore expect no more than 10 yachts with today's young Mexican leaders in entrepreneurship, fashion, design, technology, politics, education, culture and arts, charity, culinary arts, mixology, and nightlife.

What is the cancelation policy?

There is a bad weather insurance which costs $5,000 MXN. If by weather related issues, the port administration orders not to sail, there will be a full refund of the amount paid for the yacht. We do not refund flights or implied costs of traveling to our destination. If you decide to cancel your trip for any other particular reason, we will not refund any of the amounts paid.

Can I book a whole yacht and sail with less people than what full capacity can hold?

Yes you can, but take into account that the price of the yacht remains the same whether it’s one person or full capacity. Best thing to do is to sail on full capacity as it will be cheaper and more fun!

How does check-in and check-out work?

All this infirmation will be mailed and e-mailed to you upon booking and payment.

Is Mexico dangerous?

Puerto Vallarta and The Sea of Cortez are very safe places, but as every major tourist destination you need to keep your eyes open. Do not leave your bags or valuables unattended. Government protects tourism in all possible ways, therefore you will feel welcome and safe at all times, however we do recommend you to stay alert and away from trouble. If you ever come close to trouble, you can always dial the Police phone number for emergencies. Puerto Vallarta: +52 (322) 290-0512. Sea of Cortez: 066.

What is Mexico’s main currency?

Even though US Dollars are accepted in most businesses, the best way to get around town is with the Mexican Peso, this will save you from abusive exchange rates. We recommend carrying a major credit card, a debit card, and cash. Best way to get cash is to withdraw from an ATM.

What are the chores of a Cook / Host(ess)?

A hostess is responsible for cooking all 3 daily meals for the whole group. She is also responsible for doing the dishes and pouring drinks for everybody. Now you can basically sit back and enjoy your trip. The hostess sleeps on the same cabin as the captain. Please be nice to him / her.

What does the service of All Meals On Board include?

A few weeks prior to your trip, we will hand you a list of all meals on board. We will then go shopping for you and make sure your yacht is stocked with everything upon your arrival. Your cook / host(ess) will cook all meals for you and make sure everything stays clean.