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The Time of Your Life on a Yacht

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A Sailing & Networking Weekend With The Jet Set

The Yachtsetter is your dream vacation. An ultimate and premium sailing experience. The answer to all of your wildest fantasies. A 3-night, all-inclusive networking weekend of navigation, nature reserve crystal clear beaches, the most insane parties, great music, amazing looking people, cool water sports, nature, pure relaxation, and basically fun under the sun. Book a single cabin for two people or a whole yacht to fit all your friends. Be part of an exclusive group of yachts, a millenials' regatta for those shaping Mexico's future. Meet today's young leaders in the fields of entrepreneurship, fashion, design, technology, politics, education, culture and arts, charity, gastronomy/mixology, and nightlife.

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Puerto Vallarta

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You Can Book a Single Cabin For Two

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